E.A. Ngassa: Traditional Doctors and Psychiatry in the North West Province of Cameroon: The Case of Bafut and Njinikom

E.A. NgassaAre there any cheaper alternatives to modern medicine? For a less industrial country like Cameroon certainly: traditional medicine! This book tries to pour some light on traditional medicine as an alternative form of health management as practised in Cameroon (Africa). Use is made of the treatment of some psychiatric cases to point out the pros and contras of traditional medicine. Elaborate references are made to some earlier works on traditional medicine in Africa as a whole and Cameroon in particular. A great section of the book is dedicated to the research work carried out with four renowned traditional doctors. The findings in Bafut and Njinikom shows that traditional doctors make a lot of contributions to mental health in their localities.

IKO, FFM/London 2003