Youth in Action

The project "European roma Visions" intends to mobilize and empower young people in order to build up long-term self-organized networks on local, regional and national level, to strengthen role models, to give them responsibilities and a voice in society. During one and a half years we will set up in both countries a steering group of young Roma and non-Roma representing different backgrounds and regions to be trained as youth leaders and to mobilize and empower young people in local, regional and national networks.

The youth network will develop its own mission and vision to raise the voice of young Roma in the public and to fight the stigmatization and discrimination. Youth participation will include youth self-organization, dialogue with political and societal stakeholders and creative and artistic campaigning in public spaces for the voice and active citizenship of young Roma. The bilateral project between Rumänien and Germany enables both partners to follow a similar approach, to share experience and to support each other through the cooperation and capacity-building.

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These are films that will give you an insight in the work processes of the project and what they are about.